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“I love Arrest-A-Pest because I don’t have to remember to schedule my annual termite inspection. They call me and schedule a convenient time to do the inspection. As a home owner, I have many maintenance items to keep up with and this annual inspection is one less thing to worry about.”Stewart A

Arrest-A-Pest is authorized and trained to use the Termidor®termite treatment. The Termidor® treatment is different from previous, older barrier treatments because it utilizes a brand new generation of chemistry for termite control. Older termiticides relied on a "barrier" that was placed in the soil around and under the foundation. In most cases, these barriers were designed to repel termites or to quickly kill them if they passed through. Arrest-A-Pest guarantees to use the best termite treatments available and do thorough annual termite inspections for your peace of mind.

Termidor®is non-repellent, so termites readily pass through once it is placed in the soil. They pick up the active ingredient and spread it throughout the colony, transferring it to every other member of the colony. In a matter of three months or less, the entire termite colony is eliminated. Termidor® has only been available since early in the year 2000. At Arrest-A-Pest, you can count on our training and expertise to solve your Termite problem.

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