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At Arrest-A-Pest, we understand that business owners work diligently to maintain an ideal operating environment and to keep employees, customers, and patrons happy. A pest infestation can disrupt that effort. Our Customized Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ) eliminates pest problems in a manner that fits your business.

1) SET ACTION THRESHOLDS: After a thorough assessment of the affected area, an action threshold can be established. This benchmark or threshold is the point at which pest control management becomes necessary. Typically, at that stage the pests represent a hazardous condition toward people and property.

2) MONITOR AND IDENTIFY PESTS: IPM challenges the long-held assumption that every pest or weed is harmful. Certain organisms are harmless or even beneficial. Carefully monitoring the nature and extent of pest threats avoids the unnecessary heavy-handed use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

3) PREVENTION: As with most things, one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. IPM adherents proactively look for ways to prevent harmful pest infestation. Preventative methods usually have a negligible impact on the environment. In indoor spaces, this might mean checking for mold which often attracts carpenter ants. With gardens, crop rotation and using pest-free rootstock might tame pests.

4) CONTROL: If preventative strategies have proven ineffectual, staged pest controls can be implemented. Methods that are highly toxic and risky are least favored. Indiscriminate broadcast spraying is the strategy of last resort. The fourth foundational principle of control is of critical importance. There are several pest management tactical options that can be employed consistently with the tenets of IPM. Pest management companies have evolved. We can effectively control and mange pests in an ecologically sensitive way with negligible harm to surrounding plants and more importantly with no impact to humans.

Arrest-A-Pest is proud to be the pest control company of choice for many offices and businesses in the Triangle and surrounding areas. If you’re worried about pests in and around your building, contact us today at (919) 845-3438 or complete the form complete the form for a FREE assessment.